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About Pointers In Need

Back in 2016, Claire Stokes and Jan Britton decided to pool their knowledge and experience of rescuing and rehoming Pointers from both the UK and abroad, where hunting dogs are abandoned in their thousands in many countries.

This resulted in the creation of Pointers In Need; through hard work and dedication we are now immensely proud to be recognised as a UK Registered Charity, supported by a carefully chosen Team of volunteers who are all Pointer lovers.  At Pointers In Need we combine our skills and local know-how to rescue, rehabilitate and find loving new homes for Pointers. Primarily, our work focuses on rescuing and rehoming Pointers from the UK, but we also support the rescue and rehoming of Pointers from overseas.

We work collaboratively alongside our many voluntary friends and Pointer rescue partners in the field, combining our efforts to save Pointers in life-threatening situations, or simply those that have found themselves discarded and unwanted.

We are regularly contacted by individuals in the UK who, for a variety of reasons, need our services to find a new home for their Pointer. Our approach is simple: if we can help, we will.

Please see our Happy Pointer Stories page for success stories of dogs we have helped both in the UK and overseas.

As hard as we try, we know that we cannot save them all. At certain times of year, when hunting seasons are over, we are flooded with requests to provide shelter for these dogs before they simply die from neglect, malnutrition, euthanasia (if they are placed in killing shelters) or at the hands of those who are supposed to love and cherish them.

It is a huge, and desperate problem. At Pointers In Need, we believe that there is room for many more individuals and groups to get involved, work alongside us, and help save these dogs.

We have taken what some people regard as an unusual step, to use our following and presence on social media as a platform to give other voluntary organisations working at the sharp end of animal rescue a louder voice.  Many of these groups do fantastic work and we are proud to be associated with them.

Donations are essential to support the work we do in rescuing and rehoming Pointers in the UK and abroad. Please help us by making a donation now. Are you thinking about adopting a Pointer? Take a look at our dogs available for adoption and see the way they’ve transformed the lives of our adopters in our Happy Pointer stories. If you’d like to talk about any aspect of our work, please get in touch.