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Bibi – a rehoming story (now in Loving Memory)

Bibi’s rehoming story.

When Bi arrived in September, she was very gentle and loved her walks and food.  However, she was quite disengaged from us and tended to ignore visitors (although she was perfectly friendly with them, if a little hesitant to say hello at first).  She wasn’t great at following commands such as sit and stay and was very pully on the lead.  She wasn’t keen on lots of traffic or noise and was very disruptive in the car.  After a couple of weeks she developed attention barking.  She was not cuddly and would not look us in the eye, but she did love to come and wind herself around our legs for a stroke and fuss.  She didn’t play with her toys very much, but was happy to chew them.

We have worked hard to develop a bond with her over the past months and we have all made huge progress.  The attention barking got tackled quickly and we spent lots of time with her on reward based training and having fun.  She will now sit and stay (mostly!) on command and, with the help of a trainer, her walking is getting lots better.  She will travel happily in the car (in a covered cage at the moment) for two hours down to visit my father.  She will now cuddle up with me on the sofa and loves playing with her toys, especially her blanket (which wasn’t supposed to be a toy, but hey, who cares ?).

When I look back now I realise how unsettled and uncertain she must have been when she arrived.  The road journey from Turkey was obviously stressful for her and of course she had no idea who we were, why she was with us and how long she was going to stay.  She is now a very different dog.  Still gentle but now very playful and loving.  The walking still needs work and it will be wonderful when we can finally start to let her off the lead.  We are introducing her to new people and taking her on play dates and to stay overnight with us at family and friends. 

We say that Bibi is short for Big & Bouncy!  She is funny, intelligent, a clown, gentle, adorable and we love her to bits!

We are so grateful for everyone at Pointers in Need.  What an amazing job you guys do and we are all (2 and 4 leggeds) enormously grateful. 

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3 June 2021
Last Updated
20 March 2023