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Bill – a privilege to have in the family

Emma explains how she and her family arrived at the decision to adopt Bill. “Well what can I say … with a dog at home who can be a little ‘selective’ over who she wants to be friends with we took a leap of faith adopting a dog that we had never met. We have not had Pointers before but my research on the breed and the fact we had spent time with one previously, combined with Bill’s description from the team at Pointers in Need (and his sad little face) made us feel like he was the one for us.

Even though everything had gone very smoothly we still felt a little nervous going to pick him up from the kennels. But when we met him we knew that we had done the right thing. Bill is the sweetest loveliest dog I think I have ever met. All he wants is love and cuddles (oh and some food and a nice run everyday), we have all fallen madly in love with him. He is so good with our existing dog Coco that I think even she has a small soft spot for him. For a large dog he can make himself fit into the smallest empty spot on the sofa and he just wants to be loved.

It is so sad to think of what he must have gone through in his life but we are so happy and privileged to have him part of our family. I would definitely recommend rehoming a Pointer in need.”

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1 March 2023
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1 March 2023