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Boiler Pointer Photo shoot

Pointers in Need and Boiler Pointer photo shoot

A fabulous afternoon in Black Park Slough was had by Claire Stokes, Karen Tregaskis, Andrew Everett and their 7 pointers, along with the crew of Boiler Pointer, a local boiler company who had commissioned a photo shoot for their company marketing etc.

The weather thankfully behaved itself in the lovely surroundings of Black Park, and despite the continual distraction of a number of swans, geese and ducks on the lake, stopping by to see what was going on, and other bemused dog walkers, all of the Pointers behaved very well (just about!), and the professional photographer did a great job of getting some brilliant photos.

Boiler Pointer had contacted us having recently seen a “doggie advert” on a vehicle, and thought how great it would be if they could do something similar. The boss Qas, a previous Pointer owner some time ago himself, hence the company name, thought it would be great to use Pointers for his company image, and following a search on the web for pointers, came across us and contacted us to see if we would be interested in supplying some dogs. In return, Boiler Pointer donated a massive £500 to Pointers In Need which was very greatly received.

So if you are in the Slough area, look out for Boiler Pointer’s advertising material in the near future.

Published in
19 October 2020
Last Updated
25 May 2022