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Canicross team fly the flag

Canicross team fly the flag for Pointers In Need.

The flag was certainly flying for Pointers In Need at the Cani Sports Edinburgh 2021 race at Foxlake, Dunbar.

Claire, Jack, Blanca, Inky and Darcy met for an impromptu get together for a gallop round the course. And what fun we had!
Susan and Claire got top spot in their age group for the long course, Lisa and Inky came third overall in the long course, bringing home gold for age group and Lisa and Darcy led the short course from start to finish.

These pups just love to run and always rise to the occasion for race day. Each dog runs their heart out just loving every moment.

Lisa commented “We knew that we wanted to do Canicross before Inky and Darcy came into our lives, what we didn’t know was how much it would cement the bond between us. There is nothing that will beat the feeling of just you and your dog at one with each other running, wind in your hair (rain in your face) – it brings peace and tranquillity. Even if you are not a runner yet, give it a go and you wont look back!”

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for all the work you do. Inky and Darcy are our world, we love them more than words can ever say (I think they feel the same!)


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19 November 2021
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25 May 2022