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Crumpet – a perfect fit for the family

Rachel had been on the look out to rehome a Pointer once the time was right for her family. Here she explains the story of adopting Crumpet (Hawkfield Strumpet) from Pointers in Need in August 2016.

We had been ‘pointerless’ for over seven years after we lost our beloved Tatler just six weeks after our first son was born. I think I had been dog ‘broody’ for some time but with three small children and a full time job the ‘right time’ had never existed.

Then in Summer 2016 I was introduced to Claire Stokes. Within a very short time we had a home check and Claire contacted me to say there was a beautiful two-year-old girl local to me who sounded perfect to fit our mad family life. Crumpet had been part of another busy family with five children and four other dogs. After some long chats with Claire, Wendy her breeder and her current owner it sounded like we had found our perfect girl.

I had expected to have to wait a long time to rescue or rehome; after owning a pointer before I had also expected rehoming to bring some issues we would have to deal with. I did not expect to be able to find a dog who would just fit in almost from day one. Crumpet is a typical pointer; she loves everyone, she is fantastic with the children (more tolerant than any other being), loves to run, run, run, obsessed by birds and fast moving furries and loves nothing more than to be a sofa dog or a doggy heartbeat at your feet, on your lap or even your laptop!

She also has a day job. I work for a land-based college so as part of our canine team she has a role to play teaching students about anything canine from behaviour, anatomy and physiology to rehabilitation or training. She still has much to learn and I am so proud and excited that her wonderful temperament and enthusiastic nature is giving my children the opportunity to have a go at obedience and in future ringcraft.

I am so delighted to have been able to rehome Crumpet, getting an older dog rather than a puppy has been perfect for our family… so much so that one day we hope to find another pointer to join our mad but almost complete family.”

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1 March 2023
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1 March 2023