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Beau is looking for a new home.

Beau is a four-year old black and white Pointer rescued from Spain and adopted in the UK through Pointers In Need two years ago. His adopters reported that he was a complete joy from the moment he arrived being loving, funny and beautiful. He immediately settled into home life, enjoyed his walks and was always happy meeting other dogs. A perfect dog in every way. Beau was frightened by a loud noise whilst out walking one day and became scared of being taken back on the same route. Since that time his fear increased, and he wouldn’t voluntarily leave the garden. His adopters believe that Beau will only regain his confidence by starting afresh in a different environment and for that reason have asked us to rehome him.

Our professional trainer believes that Beau needs a home with somebody who is prepared to give him the time and patience he needs to overcome his fears and where there is another resident and confident dog who will give Beau reassurance and show him that the outside world is nothing to be frightened of.

Since being in his foster home Beau has settled in beautifully. He currently lives with 3 Pointers and a chihuahua. Fully cat and small animal tested, plus he’s living happily alongside children. He is perfect in the house.

Beau is doing wonderfully well on his lead walking now, he goes out with his family of Pointers and he is showing a marked improvement. Beau does tend to pull on the lead but walks nicely using a martingale collar.

Beau has no recall, so needs an enclosed field to let him off the lead.

Beau would benefit from a home with another dog. He needs a very firm hand along with rules and boundaries so if you have the time and patience to guide this boy please find out more. His foster mum will happily give you an honest description of his temperament and behaviour.

We are confident that Beau can and will be the happy-go-lucky dog he was and that his adopters will be rewarded with a lovely friend by their side and a pleasure to live with. 

Information about Beau

3-4 years
Originates From
Medical Info
Nothing to report, in good health
Child Friendly
Probably better with a family without children; scared of noisy children
Okay With Other Dogs
Yes, but wary of smaller dogs
Okay With Cats
House Trained
Leash Trained