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Christy is a super sweet girl, who has had a really tough start in life. She was brought to a government shelter after being found wandering the streets of Izmir in a state of panic, having recently given birth. No one knows what happened to her puppies. 

Surprisingly, Christy was found to be microchipped, which means that we know more about her background than is usual for the abandoned dogs that Pointers In Need looks after. The registered owner told our volunteer that he did not want Christy back, as he had bred her as a hunting dog (and brutally docked her tail) but had given her away after she turned out to be very timid and uninterested in hunting. He was unaware that her new, unregistered owner had lost her. Once he had given his signed approval, Christy was transferred from the government shelter to a private kennel, where she has been thriving since March of this year. 

Since then, Christy’s lovely personality has come through. She is a friendly, playful and happy dog, who loves rolling around on grass and jumping into puddles. She is still shy when she meets new people and dogs, and shows this by lying down on the floor, but when treated with gentleness and kindness she soon builds up trust and confidence. 

Christy loves human attention and interaction, and when she feels comfortable with people, she will lie on her back for tummy rubs. Needless to say, she loves cuddles too! 

If you think that you could give this smiley, funny girl her first proper home, do get in touch with us.

Information about Christy

2-3 years
Originates From
Medical Info
Child Friendly
Not tested
Okay With Other Dogs
Yes, but fearful of hyper and aggressive dogs
Okay With Cats
Not tested
House Trained
No. Christy has never lived in a house.
Leash Trained
Pointer / Pointer X
English pointer