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Claire is a five years old orange and white pointer from Chios.

She was rescued by a local organisation with the help of the police from an abusive owner that had his dogs in small cages with no food and dirty water. Claire has been with her rescuers for the past 3 months and she is doing well. She lives in a foster home with other dogs.

When she was found she was 12 kilos but now with love and care she is a healthier 18 kilos.

Claire has been seen by a vet and was tested for Mediterranean diseases. She is healthy with her vaccines all up to date. She will be neutered before travelling and has a microchip and EU pet passport.

Understandably she is a little shy when she meets new people but overall friendly. It is lovely to see that she is slowly opening up and showing her personality more and more. Once she gets to know you she loves being close to you and in proper pointer style she always asks for a cuddle. She is a very sweet girl.
Her hunting instincts have not been tested so it is recommended that her new family works on this through training. This will also improve the bond with Claire and help her to gain confidence.

Claire is ready to travel in Autumn 2023. If you would like to offer her a lovely home where she can feel safe and loved please get in touch with us.

Information about Claire

5-6 years
Chios, Greece
Originates From
Chios, Greece
Medical Info
Nothing to report
Prior to tavelling
Pointer / Pointer X