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Danae is a two years old, 18 kilos, neutered, pointer cross. She is in Chios, Greece.

Her recent blood tests are all clear. She does not have any apparent medical issues.

Danae is an energetic girl that likes her toys and to chase birds.

She loves to go for walks, to run free in a secure area and she also likes swimming. Generally, she has a good recall but sometimes, when she is focused on chasing birds, she doesn’t come back until she decides to do so. Some recall training to improve her response is recommended.

Danae lives with other dogs and two cats and gets along with everyone. However, when she sees cats outside of the house, she does chase them.

She wants to be with someone all the time, she doesn’t like to stay home alone.

Danae has been in her foster home for over a year and they have never left her alone. When she sees her foster mum leaving she is not happy so she needs to be settled in a secure space otherwise she will try to escape to join her owner.

Danae is house trained and goes outside for her needs. She is very obedient indoors and loves to sleep on the sofa next to her fosterer as she watches TV. She is very affectionate, loves hugs, head scratches and to be petted.

She is good with children but sometimes she can start jumping when excited so a house with older children would be preferable. The fosterer is working on discouraging this behaviour and Danae seems to be improving. Overall she is the perfect family dog for a family that works from home.

She loves to eat apples and yogurt as a treat.

Danae is very eager to please and always ready for a walk. She travels well in the car.

Her foster mum Maria loves her very much and hopes that Danae can find her forever home soon through Pointers in Need because she deserves it as all the dogs do.

Please get in touch with us if you think you can offer Danae a loving home.

Information about Danae

2-3 years
Chios, Greece
Originates From
Chios, Greece
Medical Info
All blood tests are clear.
Child Friendly
Yes (older kids suggested due to jumping)
Okay With Other Dogs
Okay With Cats
Yes (in the house)
House Trained
Leash Trained
Pointer / Pointer X
Pointer X