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Holly started her life in Korea approximately 5 years ago. She was then sent to a rescue in France and rehomed in the UK.

Due to her owners poor health, she was handed over to Pointers in Need and has been in foster with us for a year. Holly lives in East Sussex UK. She is fine with cats and children. We would advise older children only as she is bouncy when excited.

Holly has high prey drive when off lead and she is strong on lead but walks nicely on a slip lead or martingale collar. Holly loves to patrol the perimeter fence of the enclosed field searching for birds.

She could live with another dog but she would prefer to be an only dog…she loves all the attention!!! She loves to sit on her humans when possible. She is quite dominant.

Holly is house trained unless it’s wet under foot. Her only vice is she is very food motivated and tries to snatch food. However, this could be used as a training advantage to help her stay focused and learn quickly.

Holly is neutered and is good health.

Holly would make an amazing companion in a “pointer savvy” home given her proper gun dog traits… If you are passionate about this breed you would love her!

Information about Holly

5-6 years
UK Foster Home
Originates From
Medical Info
Nothing to report
Child Friendly
Yes (older kids)
Okay With Other Dogs
House Trained
Leash Trained
Can improve
Pointer / Pointer X