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Hubie’s story is heartbreaking. 

Adopted from a reputable breeder as a pup eight years ago, Hubie went to a home where the domestic situation was troubled. We don’t know what this boy witnessed but when the relationship broke down, Hubie was taken from the home by one partner and lived with them in a caravan. He was loved but his life was turbulent and one night the caravan caught fire while Hubie was in it.

Homeless, Hubie and his owner moved from one sofa to another until in desperation, the owner asked the breeder to take him back.

By this time, Hubie was traumatised. The breeder hoped Hubie would settle into  the family’s everyday life and has done everything possible to give him a stable, loving home. However, the house is full of dogs and children and everyday lively noise which Hubie can’t cope with so he spends most of his time outside the house.  In an attempt to keep him warm and comfortable, the breeder has created a place for him in an outside shed but is very sad that Hubie cannot cope with being part of the family.

The breeder says that Hubie is gentle and submissive, loves dogs and is affectionate. He enjoys his walks and just wants to be loved but unfortunately the breeder travels on business and is away a lot and doesn’t feel he can give Hubie the attention and time it will take to win his trust. It is felt that Hubie would be very happy to live indoors and would probably love nothing more than to curl up on a sofa in the right circumstances.

Hubie so deserves a happy life. He desperately needs somebody to help him forget his troubled past and give him a calm, quiet life for his remaining years. He is a healthy 8-year old who would be ideally suited to an older couple or a single person who is home most of the day and would give him lovely walks.

The breeder would be happy to be contacted for a chat and to answer questions.

Could you reach out and make Hubie’s remaining years special?

Information about Hubie

8-9 years
Originates From
Okay With Other Dogs
House Trained
Pointer / Pointer X