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Inka is in the UK no transportation fees apply. An adoption donation applies TBD.

German Short Haired (Pocket) Pointer Cross (Bitch – spayed) House trained and crate trained.

DOB 01/12/2018 Small approx. 15kg

Inka is an intelligent but a troubled, anxious soul – scars run deep in her poor little brain, most likely stemming from her whelping years and running the streets of Greece for the first few months of her life.  She was rescued by Pointers in Need and was offered for adoption around 1 year old.

Over the past 3 years we have tried many different ways to reduce Inka’s anxiety; from a dog trainer to a clinical behaviourist and many other training methods in between.  We are starting to believe its some of this might stem from our older bitch, they just do not get see eye to eye. We have a young boy, and she plays with him.

She would be well suited to an environment with large secure fencing (5 foot if panelled, higher if it has any foot holds, she will climb.

She would suit an older family, possibly retired, with lots of time at home and older children.  She can be left for hours, but she does need that mental stimulation in the Garden, that is her happy place.

One of the activities we tried that she did enjoy was agility classes.  However, after lockdown we couldn’t have one on one sessions anymore.  If you have an agility course of your own, she would be in heaven, not a necessity.

Inka also like to search out treats in the house, garden and the woods, we play these games quite often to support her lack of physical exercise.

Inka loves ponds – we use a secure dog area where she can run free and the only way to catch her is having a pond as that is where she will always end up.

Inka loves a ball in the house and garden and often when she is stressed out and barking, this is her stress relief.  Outside of these areas she shows no interest in games or treats (she will accept treats but not as a reward, she’s just taking them to appease you).

She will accept people in other houses so if you want to meet her, we will bring her to you. She will let you hold the lead and walk with her; she is manageable and in the right hands she will be fine.

Inka is quite contempt being in her room or running around the garden with while you entertain.  

Out walking she prefers to be in wooded areas rather than open areas.  She will get her nose to the ground and search out treats.  She does not like any road vehicles or people on bikes (She will walk by roads and bikes, we have some tricks to help you), and most dogs (which she barks at until they are out of sight) It’s not constant, and again we have some training knowledge we can give to support you.  She has befriended a few other dogs but only in controlled environments like our garden or the secure dog field.

Inka will sit next to you at night and during the day and likes attention, she will also jump in our daughter bed and sleep in it for hours.  She will even get in the same bed (if allowed!) and bury herself under the duvet right next to a human body, when she seems to be at her most relaxed.  She loves a good shoulder, neck and ear massage.  She will even play with you in the right frame of mind (she will let you know to tell you when she wants to play, either vocally or by staring you out!)

Inka will train and remembers well what to do; These are her learnt behaviours, meaning she will do them because there is food and/or fuss.

If you were to describe her behaviour in human terms you might call her autistic.  She displays many of the same traits in the outside world beyond the four walls of the house and is fixated on the property.  She barks at passers-by as well as any cats and birds that she can see through the windows, she does not bark constantly and does not bark at delivery drivers or when the post comes.

Inka can be a loving dog and we will be extremely sad to see her go.  She needs someone who accepts her for who she is with the outdoor space to leave her outside to run all day as long as she wants. We feel Inka would be best suited to someone with experience of severe anxiety in dogs, especially hunting dogs.  Someone with a big very secure area where she could just run round chasing birds to her heart’s content would be ideal.

We will always be at the end of the phone to give advice and support.

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4-5 years
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