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Ivan was from Kalmnos, Greece. He is approximately 10 years old. He is now in a foster home in the UK.

The foster says “Ivan is a very sweet and affectionate boy who is eager to please and love those around him. He is gentle natured and good with people, children and loves other dogs including my own, who he has bonded with well. He came to me with little training, but has learnt well how to do some commands and now knows his name well. He is good on a lead and does not pull. He has more to learn, but with continued love and attention will continue to improve. He loves his walks and going in the garden, and is just as happy curled up on the sofa at home – especially if it involves being next to you!”  

His main challenge is separation anxiety when left alone, which presents itself in barking, weeing/ pooing in the house and destroying things (mostly stuffed things such as cushions and sofas!). This only happens when he is left alone. With company he is great. He is OK in a crate overnight. He does bark for around 10 minutes, but then calms down. However, if I go out, I can’t leave him roaming in the house as he will do the above, but he becomes distraught in the crate and continues barking for much longer periods.  He has had people in the house most of the time, but really needs someone with him, not just around.   

Ivan therefore needs a retired couple who can spend their days with him. If you are looking for a loyal and affectionate dog and can give him the environment he needs, he is the perfect dog for you.  

Posted: AE 040123

Information about Ivan

10-11 years
Originates From
Child Friendly
Okay With Other Dogs
House Trained
Work in progress
Leash Trained
Work in progress
Pointer / Pointer X