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Linda (Greece)

In May 2022 Maria received a phone call from a village nearby, in Greece. A black and white female pointer approximately 3/4 years old was not eating anymore. She decides to go and have a look. When she arrives she finds the dog curled up in a field so she decides to take her to the vet. She learns that the poor pointer was abandoned and a girl who lived in the village was feeding her until she started to be ill. The vet found an abscess in the lymph nodes that was preventing her to eat and drink. Maria takes the pointer home to finish the antibiotics treatment. She is then informed that in the village where the dog comes from they tend to kill stray dogs. Maria then knows that she couldn’t bring the pointer back and decides for it to stay at her house. Given how beautiful the dog is she decides to call her Linda. Maria is now searching for a forever home for Linda and has asked Pointers in Need to help.

Despite her initial conditions, Linda is now a healthy 20kg. She is 50cm to the withers, neutered and microchipped. All her vaccinations are being arranged by the volunteer.

When she was found, she was positive for Dirofilaria but since then she has been treated and has recovered.

An old scar on one side reminds us of her previous life but despite this, she is so good with every creature, just a little shy at first. She gets on well with children, cats and dogs. She lives in a village away from the hustle and bustle of a city. However, when she goes into town, she likes to go in the car. She is a bit stressed of the city noises at first and needs a little time to get used to them. She does not like loud noises like bangs or thunderstorms.

Having been a stray dog, she tends to eat very quickly, and now that she discovered the comforts on the indoors she does not want to leave them! She loves the couch: she goes out for her needs and then runs back in.

Linda’s prey drive seems low and Maria is helping her with some leash training. Apparently Linda is doing really well. She does not have recall though so this is something her new family will need to work on.

Linda deserves a forever home that can love her and look after her. Her passport and travel will be coordinated between local volunteer and PIN once she finds her new family.

Information about Linda (Greece)

3-4 years
Originates From
Medical Info
Nothing to report
Child Friendly
Okay With Other Dogs
Okay With Cats
House Trained
Leash Trained
In Progress
Pointer / Pointer X