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Most of the dogs rescued by us have had a tough, sometimes brutal life but after many years of dealing with cruelty and abuse we have a case which, even for us, is utterly shocking.

Scooby was born in Turkey, is a pure black Pointer aged between 1 & 2 years and in that short time has been subjected to appalling torture some of which is too horrific to detail. He was used as bait for fighting dogs and is peppered with scars from dog bites and knife wounds. Vinegar was put in his eyes so he couldn’t see to defend himself.

When he was too weak to be any use as bait Scooby was dumped and found hiding in woods, starving and freezing. Rescued from his life of hell he spent six weeks in veterinary care to recover from massive wound infections. His sight had been damaged but is now almost fully restored.

We brought Scooby to the UK where he is currently in foster care. His foster Mum says of him “where do we start to tell you how great Scooby Doo is! This boy is amazing having lived through unimaginable hell and yet he just wants to give you love, hugs and cuddles, play ball and be a big goof. He is good with everybody he meets and with other dogs and just loves to sleep on the sofa”

Scooby is house-trained, probably not great living with cats and is strong on a lead which may need some work. He is neutered and is clear of all Mediterranean diseases.

Scooby now needs the very best home of his own where he will be cherished for the rest of his life, where he will be allowed to soak up all the love he has never been shown and where kindness will help him to gradually forget the horrors of his past.

Could that be you? Please consider giving Scooby the life he so deserves. If you can’t adopt, please SHARE this appeal.

Let’s get Scooby a home.

Information about Scooby

1-2 years
Originates From
Medical Info
Refer to his bio, but no ongoing issues
Child Friendly
Not tested, but feeling is he will be ok as people friendly
Okay With Other Dogs
Okay With Cats
Probably not
House Trained
Leash Trained
Working on it
Pointer / Pointer X