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SUNNY is between 1-2 years old, a petite female Pointer. Little is known of how she came to be wandering alone in the Greek mountains but she regularly came down into the villages looking for food and rescuers decided to help her.

She was so terrified of humans that it took 3 months of patience and dedication to catch her. 

Sunny is now in foster care, well fed and feeling human kindness for the first time in her life.

Until she learns that she is safe, she takes her comfort from her beloved friend Chiron (who we are also looking to rehome). Sunny is making huge progress and beginning to understand that the world is not going to hurt her but she still fears loud noises and even bicycles. She has a long way to go and will require an adopter who understands the importance of giving her time and patience.

Currently she only accepts cuddles from her foster Mum who says “when she cuddles up to you she is the snuggliest girl in the world and puts her head under your chin for you to hold her close”.

Please can you offer this lovely lady a forever home?

Posted; AE 031222

Information about Sunny

1-2 years
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