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This is handsome Wellington rescued from a pound in Andalucía. He is approximately 9 months old. He is now safe in Residencia. The residencia say he is a lovely boy and just wants to please.  Unfortunately, he fractured his tail before he entered the pound, this certainly doesn’t stop him enjoying himself.  His tail has been evaluated by the vet and there is no need for any treatment as he isn’t  in any pain.

Wellington has a great temperament  and would love a home of his own. The photos do not do him justice. If you are interested we have videos of Wellington, which shows him at his best.

Please contact us and we will be happy to share more information about this gorgeous boy with any prospective adopters.

Information about Wellington

0-1 years
Andalucia, Spain
Originates From
Andalucia, Spain
Medical Info
Broken tail but gives him no issues
Pointer / Pointer X