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This is our handsome Wellington from Spain who arrived just before Christmas to his foster family and what a Christmas he has had but his New Year wish is to have a family of his own.

This is what his foster family says about Wellington:

He really has a lovely temperament. He has all the usual pointer traits – loves to invade your personal space and sit on your knee; is now much calmer and more confident than when he arrived. His ‘table manners’ are improving and he is obviously very trainable. He does want to stay close – understandably. We have increased the time we leave him alone and have now left him several times for an hour. Over the last week he has had his playdate with Filos in a secure field, which they loved and ran and ran! Potential for agility possibly? He also visited the same field with a friend’s two female dogs yesterday – a labradoodle and a lab. and while they were a bit boisterous he just let them get on with it, so there is absolutely no problem with other dogs. In fact he would probably benefit from being in a home with another dog for company. He has also been out in the car several times: for a walk to a local beauty spot, where he met a number of dogs and people, including children. He just sits and waits while we talk. He was also invited to Sunday lunch at a friend’s house – where he met their elderly pug – again he just ignored him! So from a travel and socialisation point of view he is perfect. He is a handful on the lead – hence why we have taken him to countryside spots rather than street walking him in town. He is constantly being a pointer – sniffing out the wildlife, so he definitely needs more lead training. He also spends time looking/pointing out the window at the birds and squirrels in the garden, and chases after them when let out. I do not know how he would be if a cat ran in the garden, although he was videoed in Spain with a kitten. I imagine if a cat stood its ground he would back off but cannot say for sure. He does demonstrate the potential for good recall. Certainly in the secure field he will always come back (for treats). And comes in from the garden in response to his name. He has another playdate with Filos scheduled for this Friday.

He is definitely a ‘pocket’ pointer – he now weighs 19 kilos, compared to 12 when he arrived, so a gain of 7 kilos. I suspect his normal weight will be 19/20 kilos. His boney appearance has gone. He is now becoming more circumspect about what he eats, and is not keen on kibble and meat……and we have stopped his midday meal as he just isn’t interested. He is getting snacks during the day – and he loves his babybells – the best way to get him into his bed at night! 

Wellington was in a pound in Seville and was brought to our attention. How could we not save him? Unfortunately, he has a fractured tail, (xrays can be seen by potential adopters) however his tail doesn’t give him any problems.

If you are interested in Wellington please contact us.  We have more photos and videos.

Information about Wellington

1-2 years
UK, foster home
Originates From
Andalucia, Spain
Medical Info
Broken tail but gives him no issues
House Trained
Pointer / Pointer X