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Wilfred (or Wilf) was rescued in Cyprus at 12 weeks old. He is now almost two years old and is in the UK.

Wilfred can be excitable when meeting new people but is an absolute sweetheart who just doesn’t realise his size. He relaxes on the couch at night when the children are in bed and seems to be much more relaxed when they aren’t in the living room. Wilfred is quite boisterous with other dogs, he just wants to play. He’s not aggressive whatsoever. Wilfred would be perfect with other Pointers or dogs around his age. In the park Wilfred is fantastic off-lead. Wilfred has incredible recall. He is submissive with other dogs and plays extremely well.

Wilfred will chase small creatures; cats, squirrels etc but does not have an excessive hunting instinct. Wilfred would benefit from having an active doggy playmate.

Information about Wilfred

1-2 years
Medical Info
Wilfred is in fantastic health and isn't on any medication. Wilfred has been neutered.
Child Friendly
Yes but best in a home with no children or older children
Okay With Other Dogs
Okay With Cats
No, Wilfred wants to chase cats
House Trained
Yes, but can sometimes pee from excitement
Leash Trained
Wilfred needs more lead training, as he tends to pull on the lead and fights against it