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Dougie – a rehoming story

Dougie’s (was Lucky) rehoming story.

When Dougie arrived on January 2nd he was exhausted by his road trip from Spain to the south of France. It also became clear in the first 24 hours that he had some health issues – urinary tract and eye infections, diarrhoea, open sores around his genital area and the most awful hacking, productive cough.

We got all of that sorted, and he’s now thriving.

He’s so attached to his “sister” Diva, a 12 year old pointer I’ve had for a few years. They are so good with each other.

We do a daily 7-8km walk early morning before I start work, which they both love, and both being “senior” they then snooze most of the day – in the house, and now in the garden as it’s getting warmer. His favourite activity is to chase the lizards in the garden!!

We do a shorter 3-4 km walk in the evening, and then it’s cuddles on the sofa in the evening!

Dougie and Diva have both started going to a crèche, where they spend the day with other dogs, playing and doing activities with the couple who run it. They both love it. Dougie is also having some training classes, and responds well to new tests, particularly when there are treats!!

I’m so happy that I’ve been able to offer him his forever home. He seems very happy, apart from the growling incident. I’m working through the DTAS modules, and have stopped kissing him on his head. Things seem to be back to normal.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to have Dougie!

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1 June 2021
Last Updated
20 March 2023