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Fabulous fosters

Have you ever thought about becoming a fosterer?

Fylos, a handsome young Greek chap, came into foster in the UK at the beginning of the year. This lovely orange and white boy has just gone to his new home in Shropshire. If you have ever wondered whether this is something you could do to help our Pointers in need then read on, as foster mum Julie has penned a few thoughts.

“Fylos arrived on a cold January evening. He had travelled for some days on his road trip from Greece, with another journey to his final destination with me in Wiltshire. He appeared from the van, skinny and bewildered. He had a mooch around the garden, said hello to my two Pointer girls and resident dogs (I also do home boarding). It was quite an introduction! He had something to eat and settled in for the night. He went straight to the crate and there he stayed without a peep from him.

How amazing are these dogs? It’s like ok, I’m living here now! They are so adaptable. He settled in quickly and easily to my routine, taking himself off to bed when he felt like time out, always to the crate which was his ‘safe space’. It took him about 4 weeks to migrate to the sofa!

I did nothing special for him except to give him food, warmth and love. That was so easy, what a beautiful boy he was. Mad as a box of frogs, especially when he ran up and down the lawn with whoever wanted to join in! It was so lovely to watch him coming out of his shell. We did some nice walks on the lead to get him used to traffic – he wasn’t fazed by anything. Loved everyone, both human and K9 – even the cats. Oh, and he had an interest in the little Tweetie-Pies!

He grew in confidence and physique and was a pleasure to have around . I was sad to see him go but for my sake, not his. He has gone to a lovely couple who can give them their undivided attention.

It’s such a rewarding experience being a foster. Fylos finding a new home means there’s room for another poor soul to get to safety and on their way to finding their forever home. What’s a few tears when they have a lifetime of love ahead? And I’ll have space at home to do it all over again, helping this gorgeous breed to get the love and attention they deserve!

If you’re considering giving it a go then I say go for it! it’s really not that hard to foster and makes all the difference to that one dog and to those that follow.

Fosterer: Julie Blake

Published in
17 April 2024
Last Updated
17 April 2024