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Happy soul, Otis, wins the hearts of everyone he meets

Found on the streets in Greece, Otis was taken into foster care with Pointers In Need in the UK where the team worked tirelessly to find him the perfect home. In April 2022, at the sprightly age of 8 months, he won the hearts of Freddie Mae and Chris but also most importantly Elsa, their Pointer rescue from Turkey. They are now all living happily together in Horsham where Otis and Elsa’s bond is stronger than ever.

“We decided that we wanted to add another dog to our family, primarily as a playmate for Elsa, and to build her confidence as she is very nervous. We were sent Otis’s advert from a friend who followed Pointers in Need on Facebook and he caught our attention straight away. After we got in contact with PIN we were really impressed with how thorough they were, it really showed that they care about the dogs they are rehoming. And yet it felt easy for us too, there was no pressure after our initial meeting and we felt really supported throughout by the family who were fostering Otis. After we met with the team twice and they came to see our home, they made it clear that they knew we were trusted as responsible and caring dog owners, and this made the remaining process quick and straightforward.

Our main attraction to Otis was that he seemed like such a happy soul, and happily, this led to his bond with Elsa being instant. When we first met him, we were excited but of course nervous too, especially as Elsa doesn’t usually get on well with other dogs to start with. We also knew that adopting a dog is a big decision to make and cannot be taken lightly. Once they were at home together, Otis and Elsa played together all the time – our sitting room became their assault course! He was the confident ball of energy that she needed to help her relax and (nearly) enjoy situations that she finds worrying. Otis is the protector of Elsa too, on holiday recently a dog ran up to her and started growling but Otis got himself in between the two of them and herded the other dog away.

Otis is also loved by everyone who meets him, and he loves everyone back! We are very lucky that he is perfectly behaved off lead and so we love long walks through the forest or on the beach. Otis very much loves a ball and on numerous occasions he takes them off into the forest and they don’t come back – sometimes if you shout “Ball!” at him enough he’ll go and find it but sometimes he completely forgets where it has gone. We’ve lost so many balls, I think our record on one walk is three! He is also well known by friends and family for loving to sit on people’s chest and so will regularly wiggle his little bottom into people’s faces!

At first Otis did struggle with separation anxiety, probably due to his early life experiences which is understandable. However he is now happy to be left at home, as long as Elsa is there of course to make sure everything is ok. He continues to be the same happy little pocket rocket and we’re constantly amazed that he never runs out of energy!

We’re still in touch with Otis’s foster family and meet up with them to go for walks which is lovely. Pointers In Need is such a wonderful rehoming charity.

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27 April 2023
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27 April 2023