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Providing temporary safe havens as foster homes for Pointers, when they either move home within the UK or come from abroad, is a vital part of our work.

During his time in foster Aaron (now Sancho) learned to trust humans again

Our experienced volunteer fosterers assess the Pointer in home surroundings, begin basic training and socialisation where needed and build up a clear picture of the dog’s personality and behavioural traits. The focus and attention Pointers receive in foster care is invaluable to help them settle and feel safe. Importantly it also provides our team with the necessary information to match our dogs to their ideal forever homes.

Would you like to join our team of fabulous fosterers?

It can be demanding work, but very worthwhile. Here’s what our volunteers have to say:

“Your dog arrives after a long journey, exhausted. You can see the fear in his eyes, he is wondering, ‘what now?” He has no idea he is going to be surrounded by love, have regular meals and his own warm bed to sleep in. That is when the magic happens and he starts to hold his head up and become himself. Wonderful!” Jane, West Sussex

“Most have never been indoors and don’t know your house rules, so you can’t get mad if things get chewed or they pee on the best mat…. and they will. I treat them like a puppy in an adult’s body. To watch the transformation is a real boost, so rewarding. To see them relax and trust – it’s worth it every time.“ Pat, Lincolnshire

“It’s easy to foster and hard to say goodbye but you can’t do one without the other. The bit in-between is what makes it all worthwhile.” Jayne, Swansea

If you are an experienced Pointer or hunting dog owner and would like to join our foster team please complete the enquiry form below and we’ll be in touch. You will be asked to sign our “foster agreement” to begin fostering; we’ll talk you through everything.

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