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Can you bake a cake? Attend a fete? Organise a sponsored dog walk or swim across a chilly lake?

Pointerfest hold sponsored walks throughout the year – it’s a great way to raise money and admire each others Pointers!

You may have some lovely things to donate for one of our online auctions or perhaps you harbour a burning desire to paint your house greek blue with black and white patches? We are easily delighted so whether your ideas are sensible or bonkers, if you can help us to fundraise for Pointers In Need, we’d love to know.

After all – every penny you raise helps to get these special dogs to a warm home and comfy sofa to curl up on.

Here’s Lyn, one of our brilliant fundraisers:

“I can’t foster or do transport but I can patchwork! I also recycle lovely items which family and friends don’t need. All these things can be raffled or auctioned to provide funds. We needs lots of people to come forward – there are so many ways to contribute. My effort is small but if everyone does what they can, we will make a huge difference to these dogs lives.”

Spooky PIN pumpkins ready for a sponsored halloween party – the event hosted by our fabulous fundraiser Clare raised £300 for Pointers in Need.

Our Facebook group is also a great way to keep up to date with the latest goings on and events taking place near you. So if you haven’t joined us yet – we’d love to welcome you to our pack!

Pointerfest fun

Pointerfest is a fantastic annual charity event led by a dedicated and very sociable bunch of Pointer people! The aim is brilliantly simple – to have lots of fun whilst raising much needed funds for charities supporting the breed – including Pointers in Need. The all-day event is held in Shrewley, Warwickshire where dogs of all varieties and their human friends can enjoy fun events, try new activities, make friends and soak up the relaxed atmosphere. The next date for Pointerfest will be available soon.

Pointer lovers – please update your calendars now!

The Pointerfest team also extends a warm welcome to anyone who fancies meeting up on one of its regular sponsored walks. Held in beautiful spots across the UK, the walks are a lovely way to make friends and have a grand day out with your dog. Not just for Pointers, every dog is encouraged to come along and join in the fun. Check out the group’s Facebook page to learn more.

Fundraising stamps

We can turn your used stamps into valuable funds with this simple but effective scheme. So long as the returned stamps meet some straightforward criteria, we get £11 a kilo. Please help us – we will put that cash to very good use.

What are we looking for?

  • Recently collected and unpicked stamps
  • GB or foreign
  • Used or mint
  • On or off paper
  • Everyday 1st class and 2nd class – both are ok
  • Special issue commemoratives are best
  • No more than 1cm of envelope left around each stamp
  • Not trimmed too close so that the perforations are damaged

To send us your stamps, please email us for an address of where to send.

Send your stamps for free!

You can request FREE POST envelopes by calling 07599 830966.