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Jerry and Luma are living the life home and away

Rescued by Pointers In Need in Seville and Murcia, Jerry and Luma found a loving new home with John and Jean in Derby. Little did they know that they would also be spending a much more enjoyable life in Spain for six months of the year – in the North Costa Blanca, at their very own place in the sun.

“Our first two Pointers were puppies and English bred. When we lost our last, Alfie, at aged 13 it was in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic so we decided to wait a year before considering getting another dog. We were already aware of Pointers In Need from friends who are involved with the charity so when the time came we decided to research the option of adopting a rescue dog.

We don’t know much about Jerry’s background except that he was given up by hunters as he didn’t make the grade – he was in foster care in Spain and Luma was in foster care in Cornwall when we found out about them. Originally we wanted two bitches who were house trained and had European passports, however when we read about Jerry and saw his photographs we were really taken with him.

With 25 years’ experience of having Pointers we knew what we wanted and understand the breed very well. Our first reaction when we saw Jerry was that we thought he was so small, compared to Alfie who was from a championship stock, and Luma was as we expected – small and pretty!

We found the rehoming process very easy, with special thanks to their fosterers. Jerry came over via the Channel Tunnel in a van, a long journey for him but once in the UK the pick-up was very easy. With Luma, we travelled down to Cornwall and had a few days together for the dogs to become accustomed to one another before travelling back to Derby.

Jerry adjusted to his new life in Derby very well overall – he is a nervous dog and doesn’t like loud bangs, guns, fireworks, thunder etc but he’s getting there. He has a safe space in our two properties, and although we have on occasions spent a number of hours sitting on the floor with him in the bathroom, he returns to normal eventually. His recall has improved considerably and he can be let off the lead on our usual walks.

It’s quite early to say with Luma, she is still a little nervous but gets on really well with Jerry and it’s great to see them playing together. At night they eventually end up in the same bed! We’ll be taking Luma to Spain for the first time in April for three months so we’re keeping our fingers cross that all will go well.

Having Jerry and Luma in our lives brings a smile to our faces every day – my son has a Cockerpoo and they all get on when they meet up with him, but Luma is definitely the boss! They are both typical Pointers who love cuddles and the sofa, enjoy their food and are happy with either short or long walks. Luma isn’t off the lead yet on our walks but they enjoy running and playing together in a secure field, we’re interested to see how she gets on at the beaches in Spain!”

Adopter: John Dallison

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19 January 2024
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19 January 2024