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Life as a Pointers in Need foster family

We began our Pointers In Need journey back in 2018 with the adoption of our Pointer Luna. Luna arrived from Greece, straight out of the back of the transporter. She was nervous at first, especially walking on the carpet and very thin! But it took her all of half an hour to climb onto my lap for a cuddle. This is something that has continued despite her change in size and is also a common characteristic of every foster dog we have looked after so far. I have yet to meet a pointer who understands the concept of personal space!

Luna was the most amazing addition to our family, loved by all who met her and generous in her affection despite the difficult start she had in life. When Pointers In Need reached out for potential foster homes last year, we decided that we wanted to help other dogs to find their forever homes too. We got in contact with the foster team and after a short sign up process, we were allocated our first foster dog Nina. 

Nina, arrived from Greece.  Like Luna, she was severely underweight, less than 14kg so the priority was to settle her in and start her recovery.  Foster care is so important for a lot of dogs, it provides a bridge between the dog’s old and new life, dogs can arrive having never set foot in a house.  It never ceases to amaze me though how quickly they learn to trust and adapt to their new life. Nina was no exception and from the first evening was straight onto my husband’s lap! Nina recovered beautifully.  She was a complete sweetheart and quickly found her forever home on a farm with another Pointer. Saying goodbye was hard but we were so proud of how far Nina came in the time we had her. We also knew that Nina moving on meant a space for the next dog to travel.

Nina was followed by puppy Charlie who stayed with us for 8 weeks. He fell in love with Luna and she was endlessly patient with him! He was a typical puppy and was very entertaining.  My children loved him.

Charlie was followed by the gorgeous Dadov who is the most loving and gentle pointer who travelled from Serbia. Dadov has also recently found his forever home and saying goodbye to him is going to be very difficult.

As hard as it is to say goodbye each time, it is so rewarding seeing a dog find their forever home and being part of the process. Being a Pointers In Need foster family has been a great experience for us. We have met lots of other like minded people, all who love these beautiful dogs and want to rehome as many as possible.  If you have a space in your heart and on your sofa then I recommend it to you.

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15 March 2024
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15 March 2024