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Mr Magoo settles in just fine!

Mischievous Mr Magoo arrived with us after a long gruelling journey by road from Turkey, in June 2017.

Tired, thirsty and hungry, he slept pretty much most of the coming days. Along with our existing Pointer Bella, Magoo was understandably wary of his new company and thought of her as a threat, even though she is the most placid of dogs you could ever meet.

Mr Magoo is all legs, very gangly and when running at full speed he is all over the place, running into things, including me! He’s like Bambi.

The funniest trait Mr Magoo has is his groans of contentment. When getting ‘comfy’ he will moan and groan, normally doing 5-7 circles before finally lying down, which brings laughter to us all.

Now he has settled into his new life. Very mischievous, playful and most of all loving, he loves attention and human cuddles. Say “Mr Magoo” loudly and his tail wags none stop. There have been difficult times and times when we as a family wondered if he would ever ‘settle’ and be kind to his companion dog Bella, but gradually, with patience and training, he has become the most loyal, loving dog, that we knew he would eventually become.

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1 March 2023
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1 March 2023