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Nelly finds her confidence and becomes an inspiration

Found tied up with other dogs taking shelter in a tunnel in Greece, Nelly (who was previously named Mariori) was believed to have been a hunters dog due to her strong prey drive. Luckily she found her way to the Pointers In Need team and since February 2022 has been living happily in Bristol with new owner, Emma.

“A few weeks before Nelly came to us we lost our beloved Rio, he was irreplaceable. The first time we met Nelly it felt like the right fit straight away – she is smaller than Rio but still very friendly and polite, and no amount of attention is ever enough for her! She is very determined, eager to please and is learning to play and goof around which is lovely to see.

Living in a house was obviously very different for Nelly and it took her a while to get used to the stairs, even now she hurtles up and down them like a cannon ball! At the beginning she could never get enough to eat but in the past few months she has started to be more relaxed around food and it’s not uncommon for her to leave her breakfast until it has grated cheese added on top. Nelly is also a very loud snorer when asleep which is quite funny.

It was hard at times in a busy household for Nelly to settle into her new life – we often found ourselves waiting for ages in the dark, cold and rain at night for her to go to the toilet before bedtime but she eventually got the hang of it. Nelly put her trust in us and we did the same with her, she is now off lead on a walk but always keeps one eye on us. We are learning more about Nelly each time we walk her, she loves being in the woods sniffing and chasing things.

Nelly has given us so much joy, we love her funny five minutes in the evenings when she charges around the house and that she brings her toy to us when we come through the front door. Most of all we love her being Nelly and watching her turn into the confident and inspiring dog that she is becoming.

The work Pointers In Need do is so worthwhile. We will always be thankful to them and their team for finding us our Nelly, especially Jayne Pocock and Katie Kings who were so supportive in the early days.”

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31 May 2023
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31 May 2023