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Olive is a big part of family life!

An update from adopter, Karen Hare: ‘I first came across Olive in January from the Pointers In Need website and fell in love. I spoke to my children and we agreed to have one of the 10 puppies but which one? That was a difficult decision.

Olive’s mum Gilly was rescued after being locked in shed and who had a crushed leg – which later had to be amputated. A terrible story.

We had to wait 7 months before Olive arrived. During the waiting period we were sent photos and videos most days so we could see her. Everything was done to keep Olive, her mum and the other pups safe.

I don’t think that I breathed at all that week – not until Olive arrived. Finally at 4am, Olive was with me. At long last I got to say hello to Olive and her siblings. We finally made it home when it was light so we let Olive have a good sniff around in the garden before she met our other dogs. I brought her in kitchen so that my dogs could see her through the gate. After just two minutes Olive found the stash of sweets that I hid in my washing basket from my kids. So while trying to keep my eyes open in the early morning, the kitchen went under some rearranging to cope with the new family member.

Now we wouldn’t be without our bundle of joy. Not even her naughty Pointer behaviour like ripping holes in my tops, digging the garden, taking my washing off the line, using my arm for chew toy or pinching our food and shoes – that’s just Olive.’

“We would like to thank Claire Stokes and her team for helping us to give Olive a new loving home.” Said Karen Hare. “Olive is such a big part of our family. it is also great that everyone involved and her siblings are still in touch with us.“

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1 March 2023
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1 March 2023