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A Dog’s View

Imagine what life is like for unwanted Pointers. Or for those that are alone and injured, confused and terrified.

We find them and take them to safety. And then we say, ‘if only they could speak’. But sometimes the stories may be too hard to hear. We try to put things right by finding loving homes where these sensitive, proud animals are treated with care, understanding and respect. But what do rescued Pointers really need to help them settle and thrive in their new lives? Here’s a dog’s view, in memory of a very special Pointer whose life was tragically cut short. This is for Bruno….

I’m told you want to rescue me. That’s amazing. But before you do…

Are you sure you want me? Not a pup or designer dog? Will you get to know me, not just dress me up? Am I with you for life, or is it a whim? I’m not a face for the photographs, I’m not a thing Will you love me?

I’m a hunting dog. Do you know what that means? I need to run, to range, to chase things I’ve got energy, drive, I’m magnificent in my stride, I can be a rascal, it’s true every day I dream of running free of rolling in dead voles and fox poo.

Are you patient and kind? Do you understand I’ve got a past. It was horrible. Grim it might take me a while to fit in, I hope you notice if I’m unsure or scared, are you prepared?

Do you speak dog? Are you willing to learn? Tread softly, teach me right from wrong I don’t want to mess up. I’ll do my best. Do you know I’m not hungry right now, I lick my lips if I’m sad, upset, when I’m stressed.

Help me to learn that when you’re not near I’ll be ok. It’s hard when I’m racked with anguish, with fear.

I don’t mean to scratch and bark, but you go and I’m in the dark. Will you ever come home? To feed me, keep me company. Don’t you see? I’m frightened on my own.

Give me some space when I eat and rest a quiet, calm corner where I can be safe. Come dinner time, that food, it’s mine? Will there be more? Back off, it’s mine! Please stop. Think I’ve lived on the streets, how do you imagine I survived?

I yawn to calm down. Pretend you’re not there. Don’t need a sleep, or my bed. But just don’t stare. Can this STOP! I don’t want my tail tugged, that noise is too loud. This is all too much.

And if sometimes I get things wrong a storm is on the way. The car won’t start, a deal fell through. You’ve had a bad hair day. Don’t twist things around and say ‘You’re a big mistake’ It’s not my fault. Give me a chance don’t throw me away.

Or if I’m past my ‘use by’ date call for help. Do it now Leave me by the gate. It’s alright. My friends won’t desert me, they won’t be late I dream of kind eyes, soft voice, a soothing touch.

Will you fight for me? Protect me. Be my friend Stand up for my rights. Is that your intent?

I will give you everything. Here, take my heart. But please go gently. Be the best human being that you can be and we’ll be just fine.

Copyright © (2016) Pointers In Need