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Aristocratic. Trusting. Kind. Loyal. Words recognised by Pointer owners and breeders the world over to describe this magnificent hunting breed.

Pointers have superb natural hunting instincts

Bred originally to spot or ‘point’ and flush out gaming birds, Pointers (also referred to as English Pointers) make terrific pets in homes and where they can enjoy outdoor space and plenty of exercise.

Pointers like to ‘earn their keep’ and, as youngsters, are happiest when they can apply themselves be that in the field, with agility or scent work, canicross and even as therapy dogs.

They are intelligent and sensitive dogs, known for their reserve and gentle manners, and are wonderful companions for all the family.

They are happy in a single dog family but relish the company of other dogs, especially during outdoor pursuits. Be warned though, have one, and you’ll soon want another, then 3……….

Pointers are low maintenance and easy to groom. Devoted to the finer things in life, Pointers are also widely known for their ‘sofa skills’…. their penchant for finding the comfiest spot in the home to have an afternoon snooze is unparalleled.

Helpful Breed information

We have produced some helpful information about the breed and some basic information about rescuing a beautiful Pointer. They are all PDF files and can be accessed using the link below.