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Pointers in need

Sadly, life is unbelievably harsh for many Pointers used to hunt in Spain, Greece, Cyprus and elsewhere.

Dogs are commonly kept in squalid conditions, sometimes stored in cages, one on top of another, and released only to hunt. Those deemed ineffective or past their prime, are shot or hung. Others are abandoned in rough terrain, often injured, dehydrated and starving.

Breeding bitches fare no better, cast out once they are too old, or injured from constant pregnancy. The ‘lucky’ ones, found as strays or handed into municipal pounds known as killing shelters, spend their lives in cold cells with concrete floors. Meantime the clock is ticking. On average, 7 to 14 days is a typical timeframe to keep a healthy dog before it is euthanised.

Life in a kill shelter: dogs have 7 to 14 days to find a home before they are euthanised.

Remarkably these dogs, when rescued and cared for properly, do learn to trust humans and enjoy life again. We work both independently and in partnership with rescue groups across a number of countries to save Pointers in need of our help, and find them safe havens.

Every dog is assessed, given veterinary treatment if needed and housed in private kennels, foster care or other suitable accommodation while we begin the search to find a perfect home. Before travelling to the UK, our dogs are neutered/spayed, health checked, treated for worms and fleas and microchipped.

In the UK, Pointers come into our care for a range of reasons. It could be due to a change in their owners’ circumstances, such as a bereavement, family breakup or job move. We assess each dog’s case individually to find a home that will best meet its needs. Sometimes this may mean that the dog will go into foster care.

More information about our work with Pointers in need can be found here in our rescue leaflet.

Before and after…

With a little time, patience and a whole lot of love and care, these beautiful proud animals do learn to love life again.

Aris was in a terribly poor state of neglect when our friends at Save a Greek Stray discovered him on the streets in Athens. They rescued him and funds raised by our supporters made a major contribution to the intensive rehabilitation Aris needed to get him on back on the path to good health. He now has a fantastic home in the UK.

Ben was discovered on the streets of Cataluna, Spain, in a severely emaciated condition. Following veterinary care, a nourishing diet and lots of focused care and attention Ben is now healthy, happy and much loved by his adopter Jan, Chair and Co-founder of Pointers in Need.

In Korea, Gemma and Gunner endured unimaginable trauma, caged in filthy conditions and destined for the meat market. As part of a concerted four-month campaign, involving detailed planning, logistics and a crowd funding initiative, we worked alongside rescuer Christine Leroux and the Wizards of Hope organisation in Korea to get them both to safety. Today both dogs are cherished by their families and living life to the full; Gemma with Christine in Canada and Gunner with Gari in the US.

Helpful Breed information

We have produced some helpful information about the breed and some basic information about rescuing a beautiful Pointer. They are all PDF files and can be accessed using the link below.

Please contact us if you need any further help or require more information