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Sancho, canicross and big adventures!

It’s now hard to believe that Sancho (previously Aaron) was a terribly sad dog when we first saw him in the summer 2016.
Released from a municipal pound he was shaking uncontrollably and had virtually shut down. It was clear that he would need a huge investment of experienced one-to-one care and support to help him recover from his ordeal.

His adopter, Carole, takes up the story: “Sancho has now been with us in his forever home for two weeks. He came over from Spain in July and spent just over three months in foster care with Jane Russell. Jane had clearly put in a great deal of work, love and care into his rehabilitation.

We spent the first two weeks with him out on a long line and concentrated on recall and meeting new friends! I even introduced him to a little bit of canicrossing which he loved. Sancho has come on leaps and bounds, learning the way we live and move around our home. He’s bonded with Corran our other Pointer really well too.

We now let him off lead to play and run free in an area that is fenced at the boundaries, Sancho is really good and responsive. He thoroughly enjoys running through the bracken and heather. It’s a joy to have him in our lives and to see him so happy. We are looking forward to lots of exciting adventures together out in the mountains.”

Sadly Carole has since passed away from breast cancer, but she will always be remembered for giving Sancho a new chance at life and a loving home.

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1 March 2023
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1 March 2023