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Scruffy and George, the GSPs who filled a hole in their new owners’ hearts and lives

Following the passing of two of their beloved dogs just months apart in 2023, Andrew and Phillipa knew they had to help at least one German Shorthair Pointer (GSP) after seeing so many on the Pointers In Need website with such tragic stories.

“The passing of Wolfie was a big shock left a huge hole in our lives so we determined to adopt another GSP.  We knew he was irreplaceable, but he had a number of really attractive traits which were common to the breed. 

George, from Turkey, and Scruffy, from Lebanon, weren’t our original choice – we had chosen to adopted a dog called Albert from Turkey, but a few days before he was due to travel to the UK he was taken ill and unfortunately passed away. We were heartbroken but still wanted to give a home to a Pointer in need and we were asked if we would take a look at Scruffy. To be honest we were grateful for the help, reading all the stories of the dogs looking for homes we could have taken all of them!  When we heard and saw about Scruffy’s history we knew we had to offer him a home. We also decided we had space for another dog as well – George was quite similar to Albert in looks and so we offered to give him a home too.

They both arrived with us in The Chilterns, Buckinghamshire in August 2023 – Scruffy came by air and George by van. We were excited to welcome them to their new home, slightly nervous at how they would be but relieved when they arrived safely. Scruffy settled down for a sleep in the car on the journey back from the airport.  George was a bundle of energy when he arrived. With both dogs we took them straight to some woods near the house to meet our other dogs on neutral territory. These were actually uneventful – both Scruffy and George were far more interested in their new surroundings that the dogs they’d be sharing a home with!

It’s taken Scruffy much longer to settle in with us but he had a really rough start in life and spent a very long time in the shelter. He finally seems to have shed that last bit of tension and has visibly relaxed. He now plays with Bramble (our young lurcher) and is much happier to run around and get involved with everyone else. Up until that point he’d tended to go off on his own when we’re out and not really engaged with the other dogs. George settled straight in – he’s got a really dominant personality and has decided that he likes this home, he hasn’t fully understood that there are rules and a hierarchy but he’s getting better!

They couldn’t be more different dogs. Scruffy is generally quiet and reserved, what matters to him most is somewhere comfy to sleep and regular meals. He often lies in bed (our bed) until midday and likes his breakfast taken to him! George is completely opposite – he has to be involved in everything and  has a huge FOMO issue! Wherever we are, he is and he gets really excited and noisy of he feels he’s not included. This has only grown the more he has settled in, he has no concept of his size and strength.  He’s forever trying to get into spaces that aren’t big enough, he’s always banging into people or things!

Scruffy still has occasional moments of aggression but never anything more than growling, snarling and snapping. This is only if he feels somebody wants his food or his bed. George is completely opposite, he doesn’t like aggression and runs away if it happens. 

Both are really loving and demand attention. Scruffy has a technique of wrapping his leg around the back of a person’s leg and then using his head to stop them running off – we’ve had his claws clipped because he grips really tightly! George just barges people for attention! We have an enclosure in the back garden with hens – George is fascinated by them and finds them very exciting. Scruffy doesn’t find them remotely interesting, although he is obsessed by birds when he’s out for a walk.

At times they can be hard work but we don’t regret it at all.  It’s so nice to have a busy chaotic home!

Adopters: Andrew and Phillipa Mullen

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30 May 2024
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30 May 2024