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Andrew Everett

Chair of Trustees, Admin & Support

I have been around dogs all my life. Whilst growing up, my parents always had at least one dog – mainly Terriers.

In more recent times, during a mission to find a suitable playmate for our then Boxer back in 1999,  Mrs E and I were pointed in the direction of the Pointer as a possible companion. It was love at first sight, for us and our Boxer.

Pointers have been a huge part of our lives since then and we have had both working and show line dogs. We spent about 10 years on the Agility circuit with our first two Pointers, with some success……

During a visit to Crufts in 2015, we became aware of the Pointer rescue organisations and within three months of a discussion with them (namely Claire), we had adopted Bob, an abandoned hunting dog from Spain.

Having taken on Bob and seen at first hand the rewards you can get from rehoming these poor dogs, I wanted to do more to help and get involved. I have therefore been an active participant with Pointers In Need since its establishment, and work closely in supporting Claire and the team.

We have since rescued again, Yanni a Liver & White from Spain, and will undoubetdly rescue again.

I love this breed to bits and will happily sing the praises of this stunning breed and the virtues of rescuing in general. Please just ask.