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Claire Stokes-Gouzoulis

Co-founder, CEO and Coordinator – World-wide

Having grown up with Cocker Spaniels, I decided when I lost my boy Benji, at the ripe old age of 15 that I would have a totally different breed. Jazzie my beloved orange & white Pointer came into my life back in 2006, followed by Jif Lemon oxo, Jackpot, Jypsy, PJ and Jin. I absolutely adore the beautiful breed of the Pointer. I have adopted Solana from Spain, Kira from Cyprus and Jem from Spain. My latest fosters have been Wilma from Spain, Jasmine from Spain, Jack from Parga in Greece, Smiler from Kos, Jana from Spain, Sevvy from Seville, Jia from Greece, Jay from Athens, Jett from Spain, Luna from Spain and Jent from Greece. They have all gone to super forever homes after being rehabilitated in our home, amongst our pack of Pointers. I am officially addicted!

As founder and CEO of Pointers In Need, I lead a wonderful team of compassionate and dedicated volunteers that fundraise, rescue and rehome Pointers from the UK, Spain, Greece and further afield. It is a privilege to work alongside so many passionate and caring people in our charity, who all share the same goal; to protect and cherish our very special breed, the Pointer.