Freya North


What a very great honour to be Patron of Pointers In Need. And what a very great privilege to have adopted our beautiful Greek boy Milo from Pointers In Need.

As I child I was terrified of dogs however, close family friends had a black and white Pointer Cleo, it was this special dog who got me over my fear. Fast forward 30 years to when I had kids of my own and my then 8 year old son was frightened of dogs – I knew what breed would help him overcome his fear and become his best friend…

It was then that Twig, our beloved black and white Pointer came into our lives. We had her for 10 blissful and blessed years before she passed away.  Eventually, we felt ready to have another Pointer but we wanted to give something back to the breed who’d given us so much. And that is how I came to contact Pointers In Need.

Before I knew it Claire and I were chatting on the phone as if we’d known each other our whole lives. Claire acted as match-maker and Milo came into our lives, we are humbled that his forever home can be with us. Out here on our small farm in Hertfordshire, Milo shares his life with our half-dog/half-teddy cockapoo Bee, 3 horses, 7 sheep and 2 teenagers…

For me, the Pointer is perhaps the most noble of breeds, physically breath-taking of course but, most importantly, with kindness and loyalty at their very core. Pointers In Need go above and beyond to rescue and rehome Pointers who desperately need help, and as patron, I will make it my mission to assist this hardworking and vital organisation.