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Karen Tregaskis

Volunteer and Fosterer

My life is all about dogs! I had a mix of crossbreeds and Golden Retrievers in my life for 40 years. Then 12 years ago, I was able to have a Pointer pup – and have now three generations, with five Pointers, living in the house. The girls are Ammi and Ailla and the boys are Beenleigh, Jago and Torba. Volunteering with our wonderful breed rescue, Pointers in Need, also means that foster Pointers sometimes come to stay.

I am a fully insured practitioner in clinical canine massage. My practice, Canine Symmetry Clinical Massage was established after completing a 2-year practitioner’s course with Canine Massage Therapy Centre.

With the onset of arthritis in senior Ammi, therapeutic massage helps support her orthopaedic condition. Hence my interest to study, set up my own practice and now be able to help dogs with injuries and chronic conditions from all walks of life.