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Margherita Pende

Volunteer and Instagram and Website Support

I have loved dogs since I was a child to the point where I would walk around my hometown in Italy pretending I had an invisible dog on the leash (…weirdo!).

When I started dating my now husband, we made a list of what we wanted in life and at the first place there was an English pointer. Six years down the line and with our lives a bit more settled, we decided it was the right time for a dog to join our family.

We came across the Pointers In Need website and when I said out loud: “what do you think of adopting a dog from Greece?” It sounded a bit too risky for us as first-time adopters. I then stumbled across the website again after a month or so and I saw Bonnie (was Bony). A five-year-old orange and white pointer from Greece found in a field with her four puppies. Her eyes were so sweet and something inside me clicked.

I filled in the application form and within 24hrs I was contacted by one of the amazing Pointers In Need volunteers. They followed us throughout the whole process making us feel supported from the adoption stage and onwards as part of the Pointers In Need family.

We are thinking of adopting a second pointer one day… but in the meantime I help pointers to gain visibility via social network platforms such as Instagram and Facebook to increase their chances to find forever homes.

When you adopt from Pointers In Need you become part of a wonderful community of people that share the love for this incredible breed. A word of advice? Have a good pair of walking boots and Pointers are addictive!