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The start of happily ever after for Summa

We recently received a lovely update from one of our fosterers, who saw Summa off for the start of her happily after after – we hope this gives some insight into how well all our Pointers are looked after when in fostercare.

“Yesterday heralded the start of Summa’s new life with Roger and Linda. The handover went well, we had lots of time to talk about Summa’s development and what they needed to know about her. It also gave time for Summa get to know them (and vice versa).

When it was time to go Summa let Roger walk her to the car. She then let him help her to hop in, after which she just sat, and we said our goodbyes. She was very relaxed about the whole thing. And showed how she really had learned to trust!

Summa took with her the bag of toys she has slept and played with so much over the past 9 weeks, I’m sure she has plenty more waiting at her new home! Roger and Linda took to Summa instantly – she is very beautiful and now readily shows her lovely nature and how affectionate she is.

It was not without a little tear in the eye that I waved her off on her journey, but it was rewarding to see her so ready to start her new life.

Summa will be living in an area with wonderful walks around Bournemouth – I am sure that Roger and Linda will really dote on Summa and offer her a great home with the prospect of lots seaside walks and opportunities to explore the New Forest. It is what she deserves!”

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8 March 2024
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8 March 2024