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Xavi – a rehoming story

Xavi’s rehoming story

July 2019 – There we were, quite happy plodding along with our 2 springers (age 6 and 13), then I saw a post to say there were 20 dogs on their way over from Spain and one of them was going to the lovely Malcolm for foster but needed an overnight stay to save him having to stay in the van up to Scotland then back down south again. We had nothing planned so offered to have him overnight until Malcolm could collect him the next day. He was an absolute darling that night and when Malcolm collected him the following day, I felt like one of my children had left home!! We talked about it all night and hubby agreed for me to contact Claire and say we’d really like him back. Failed overnight foster alert! I drove to Malcolm’s the following day and Xavi has fitted into our life completely. He had one disagreement with the 6 year old springer who firmly put him in his place and they’ve been best friends ever since.

He was found wandering the streets in Northern Spain, possibly abandoned by a hunter (we can see why, he disappears into the bushes for hours) and we’re so lucky we got to keep him, even if he is VERY needy and HAS to be laying on you!

Thank you Pointers in Need for all you do and for giving families like us the opportunity to open our hearts to these amazing dogs.

Liz and Paul

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25 June 2020
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20 March 2023