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Domo was rescued from a municipal shelter in Turkey, where she was struggling to survive, and is now at a private kennels. Domo is very gentle, friendly, cuddly, adaptable, happy dog with her humans around her. Human addicted, friendly with women, men, and other dogs. She is 2.5 years old.

Domo is now in the UK in foster.

A clean dog in the kennels, she loves human attention and interaction. She is very clever and easy to be trained, she loves eating food, biscuits, treats. Easy to be trained by treats, she loves human eye contact and she always waits for a word towards her. She loves traveling in the car, sits well and calm in the car without hassle. Listens to basic commands, she walks well on a leash but sometimes pulls the leash if she is excited during the walk. She loves playing with the ball and she is protective of the ball and food from other dogs. No destructive behaviour has been seen in the kennels. Her blanket on her bed in the kennel has never been chewed.

She is a flight risk (by digging or climbing the fences) due to being left alone in the garden without her human around. She tries to reach her human or other humans. Shows excitement and happiness, wags tail and gently jumps to the human. She is good with other dogs but not playful with the other dogs yet. She does not like trucks or machine sounds coming from road which causes her to bark. She does not like sudden high volumes of sounds and she reacts by barking.

Domo needs a home where she will have a human at home with her most of the time; either working from home or not working too many hours. She doesn’t like traffic noise and doesn’t like the sound of children playing noisily. It is recommended that Domo is rehomed in a home where, if there are children, they are over the age of 10 – 12 years old. Domo has previously barked at an autistic child of 15 years old otherwise she has never growled at anyone. She is not good with cats, having shown signs that she wanted to chase one previously.

Please contact us if you can give Domo a new loving, forever home very soon.

Domo will come with the full back up support of the wonderful Pointers In Need team.

An update from her Foster 281222:

“She’s settled in so well. She’s so clean always lets me know when she wants to go out..
She absolutely loves being stroked and nudges you when you stop to carry on. She currently sleeps on my bed. With the throw over her. She loves attention which she as all the time. We have had visitors and she barked at them as they entered the house. But I reassured her it was ok. And she settled.Four young children and adults. She was fine once they had all come in. She let them stroke her. And she played fetch with the ball..
She’s not great at night if I take her out. She as gone towards people passing and barks at them. I have her on a short lead and tell her it’s ok. But I definitely need to work on that. She’s fine through the day. Barks and pulls on her lead when the Dustin truck passed us. Gosh she’s only skinny but strong. Haha
She’s an absolute darling though everyone who meets her loves her because she really is such a softie. She’s totally adorable. She’s gentle taking food off us and sits so nicely..We love her to bits. She’s been really good when we have left her. She’s not destroyed anything. She just curls up and goes to sleep..
She had a Xmas dinner but she took the veg out of her bowl and only really ate the meat. Turkey and lamb. Haha it was funny to see the broccoli and carrots on the outside of the bowel. She’s quite fussy with some food. I have biscuits out all the time and she only rarely eats them. But I have been giving her 2 tins of dog meat a day to put so weight on her. Sometimes she will eat porridge but loves toast and pate. We love her to bits”..

Information about Domo

2-3 years
Originates From
Medical Info
Domo has been neutered and vaccinated against Rabies. She is on any medication for a private issue.

Domo had a Quattro snap test checked on the date of 19th Feb 2022 and it was all clean. Heartworm, Erlisha Canis, Leish, Anaplasm are all negative.
Hematology (her blood count) was checked on 22.02.2022
Child Friendly
Yes - tested with an over 10 year old but not tested with younger children
Okay With Other Dogs
Okay With Cats
House Trained
Not tested
Leash Trained
Pointer / Pointer X