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Hugo was found wandering in the busy streets of Chania, Crete, Greece, by some volunteers whilst walking their dog. They decided to take him home and try to find a family for him.

He is a black and white pointer, around 2 years old and quite skinny (currently less than 20kg).

He has been checked by a vet. He had some injuries on his heel and tail but these are now recovering and not bothering him. The vet said that no treatment is required but he will continue to monitor to make sure Hugo recovers fully.

His blood tests came back clear apart from suspected anaplasma. He is being treated with antibiotics for this.

Hugo’s foster family says that he has a wonderful character. He loves all people, children & dogs. He stays off leash in the park as he loves playing with the other dogs. His prey drive is medium, he likes to stalk cats and birds but he is scared of cats that hiss! So far, he chooses to stay near his fosterers when off leash, instead of chasing the prey.

Hugo sleeps on a veranda, in a warm sheltered dog house. He does not go to the toilet here, he waits for his walks,
4 times a day. He is doing some leash training, he is almost there, very good after only 1 week.

Hugo is young and energetic, and would love a home with a garden and other dogs to play with. But he would also be
happy on his own with his human. He is very obedient and willing to please, and quick to learn. He is a lovely sweet boy, a
real softie with people & dogs. Despite a bad start, he loves life. He isn’t scared of loud bangs, firecrackers or thunder.

Hugo sounds like the perfect companion for a family with an active life style, please contact us to know more about him.

Information about Hugo

2-3 years
Crete, Greece
Originates From
Crete, Grece
Medical Info
Suspected anaplasmosis - being treated with antibiotics.
Heel and tail injuries healing.
Not yet, will be before travelling
Child Friendly
Okay With Other Dogs
Okay With Cats
House Trained
Leash Trained
In progress
Pointer / Pointer X