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Bailey, the best big brother you could ask for

“In May last year our beloved English Pointer Toby died very suddenly. We were devastated but it had an even worse effect on Zac, our miniature schnauzer. He had never known life without his very big brother and overnight he became consumed with grief. He barely moved, cried constantly and even had to sleep in our bed. I knew that unless I got him a new brother quickly, we might lose him too. 

I found Pointers In Need on the internet and made contact. Karin came round to do a home check the following day and said that there was a male Pointer in foster care not too far away. We meet Romeo (now known as Bailey) in a park near Eastbourne the following day with his foster mum, Rachel. My husband and I were struck by how much he wanted to run, round and round and round, non-stop! When he did come over to us, I just instantly felt that I wanted to give him the good home this gentle soul deserved.

Bailey was a rescue from Greece. He had spent the first year of his life tied to a tree. He was then transported hundreds of miles to a shelter where he spent two years. Apparently, the staff said he was too ugly to ever be re-homed. Whilst there he was set upon by a pack of dogs and has some serious scars on his haunches to prove it. Pointers In Need then transported him to the UK into his foster home, with Rachel Larter.

We collected Bailey the very next day after we met, and when he got home he did a tour of the living room then settled in a basket in the corner. He was quiet and gentle, but he bonded straight away with our schnauzer. Zac was delighted to have a new brother and all his depression and sadness melted away almost instantly. Bailey just slotted into our lives. He commandeered the best sofa and pretty much lies there snoozing all day unless he is running at top speed or eating. His only fault is his desire to destroy/kill every cushion in the house. My lovely velvet ones have long gone, and I now keep a supply of Amazon cushion covers and pads to replace the ‘dead’ ones on a regular basis. 

Bailey is the most loyal, loving, and affectionate dog. He is clearly devoted to me and my husband, and he likes the evenings best when he can just snuggle up to watch TV. We honestly could not imagine life without him. We have given him love, security and a nice home but the amount of joy and love he has given us in return is immeasurable.”

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12 July 2023
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12 July 2023