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Sunday’s Odyssey

At Pointers In Need, we think all our dogs are special but Sunday, a lovely four-year old Pointer adopted by Stephen and Penny a year ago, is the very first to write her autobiography. As you will see, Sunday has had quite the odyssey.

Sunday’s life story

Little can I tell of my early years. Born on the island of the gods of Chios in Greece, I was cast adrift in the mountains, the love of a mother and family cut short.   

Hiding in the mountains with a fellow outcast all we knew was how to survive. Eating berries, leaves, anything if it stemmed the hunger and hiding, always hiding. Any sound would make me run and run to hide. A bang meant someone was trying to kill me. I can’t tell you how I got a scar on the top of my head, yet it is a sign that despite all I survived. You can see I still carry the pain in my eyes. 

Threats and the wrath of a man whose chickens we threatened brought other, different, humans into our lives. They didn’t appear to want to harm us, and they left food. My friend stayed but the nice humans took me to a place where I was prodded and poked but unharmed. Chios Animal Rescue Shelter became my home and I found myself among other waifs and strays with humans who didn’t threaten. In fact, as I began to find out, they cared. They called me Sundy as I was saved on Easter Sunday. 

People from another land became involved and I found myself travelling. I don’t know how far I’ve travelled but I was taken to a home with other dogs and a human called Rachel. She loved me and the other dogs accepted me. I became friendly with another dog. I was being loved and I loved it. Still though, any sudden banging noise would make me want to run. 

One day we went walkies in a field. There were other dogs there and two humans, Penny and Stephen. They looked OK and I rather took to Stephen, he looked like a human who would give me lots of treats and I could wind round my little paw. This soon proved to be the case! 

Rachel and her pack loved me yet told me I had a new home to go to. I was unsure and very sad to say goodbye, but when it turned out to be the same pack we met before it was OK. 

Soon I was in a new home, with a new name, Sunday, although it sounds the same to me. One of the Pointers there was very old, Dulcie, and she took command. She mothered me and looked after me. The other Pointer, Lulu, was independent and did her own thing. The whippet, Owly, appeared to not like me though. I don’t know why, I was friendly and ran with her but Owly kept telling me to stay away from Penny as she belonged to her and to stay away from some toys and a bed and well, stay away! Stephen says her nose has been ‘put out’ but it looks OK to me. 

Gradually over time we found out we had many of the same likes. Chasing squirrels, birds, anything and running. Owly loves zooming and I just run and run. Stephen says I just have one speed, ‘all out’ and no brakes. He says I remind him of Eric Liddle, whoever he is.  

One day I found I had a voice. I suddenly started barking, I was learning to talk. The other dogs all say different things and I’ve been learning to say things as well. They keep telling me not to always shout as I have a large bark which I’m proud of. I can also ask to go out, to be fed when hungry and ask to come and play.  

I’m told I have some endearing ways. When cleaning I put the whole of my paw in my mouth and they can always tell when it’s me drinking as my lapping sounds like a herd of elephants paddling, whatever that is. I love hiding things and that’s great except when Lulu finds them. 

We go for walkies and I am off the lead in some places. I always come back and keep an eye on the pack. I’m always happy, I wag my tail and like to play.  

It is nearly one year in human time, which Stephen and Penny say has gone by very speedily. Dulcie has passed on now and Lulu has taken charge and apart from occasionally giving short gruffs at me when she says I am too rough, she is great. Owly and I are great chums now even if Owly is still a bit possessive about some things. For some reason she objects when I walk over her when she’s laying down and says I’m clumsy. 

I love running and even point every now and then. If Stephen drops something in the kitchen, I don’t fly around anymore but if out on walkies and we hear a shotgun or bird scarer I still get frightened, but much less. To start with I would run to Stephen or to the car if close to that but now I just stay close to my pack. 

After a year my weight has increased from 16kg to just under 20kg which my lovely doctor Nigel says is good.

Feed times are great and late afternoon we have tripe time, a special treat every day. Stephen says ‘OK girls’ and we all go to the utility room to receive our piece or two of dried tripe. Yummy!  

When we go out for our last night run before beddie-byes, Stephen says ‘OK, night time’ and Lulu and Owly get up and go out to the garden, but I curl up on the settee wagging my tail. Stephen then carries me out to the door when I join the others. He said last winter that once it would be light in the evening I would stop doing this yet here I am, a year later, still being carried. Penny says I love being fussed over. Owly is jealous, hee hee. 

Life is full of joy and fun now.  

Stephen’s story

Thanks Sunday, now, if I can get a bark in or two. 

We have three dogs and that is hard work. Sunday has given us much over the past year and is a much loved and loving member of our pack. However, personally Penny and I have had our stress levels raised! We are used to dogs, especially Pointers, running after deer, hares, the wind and with their selective hearing. Whereas Owly the whippet has literally cost thousands in vet bills and has been lost once, on a bank holiday Monday, Sunday has not given us any of that. She has never run off too far and has always come back.  

We love Sunday’s eyelashes and black patch but most of all her loving and gentle nature and pretty disposition.  

Penny has had Pointers for many years. There have been connections with other pointer clubs and rescue organisations. Along the way we connected with Pointers In Need and Penny became friends with Claire. Her love and passion for rescuing these wonderful dogs has been a joy to be part of and we hope to continue for many years to come along with Special Sunday!

A special connection with Pointers In Need has been with Rachel where Sunday first started her journey in the UK. She was responsible for the hand over for our rescue. She was sensitive to Sunday’s needs and observed us carefully to make sure the match was right. She also gave us continuing guidance when needed. 

Adopters: Stephen Winter and Penny Fraser

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23 November 2023
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23 November 2023