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A postcard from Moncho

We received a lovely update from Phil who rehomed Moncho in April 2019 and are now enjoying a new exciting life in the US.

“You kindly sent us Moncho in April 2019 to care for – he arrived from Spain and has been an absolute joy ever since. He joined Dixie our other Pointer Cross and they’ve become a great pair and friends to me and my wife.

I have included some pictures which show how much fun they have. Moncho never stops, we struggled first of all to get any weight on him as he just doesn’t stop! Given the chance they could both eat for England. Moncho is on the go so much he stays the same weight constantly, however Dixie isn’t quite as active so we do have to be a bit more careful with her. 

Due to a work contract we moved temporarily for three years to the East Coast of the USA. We’ve been in New Bern, North Carolina for the last 16 months – New Bern has two rivers running through it and we are only 35 minutes from Atlantic Beach which the dogs absolutely love. To be honest they’re both leading the best life ever and are such a joy to have, Moncho has made our little family complete. We are off to the mountains west of here for Christmas, so lots of walking planned which we know they’ll absolutely love!”

Adopter: Philip Dunn

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21 December 2023
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21 December 2023